What is Acupuncture? 

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It is a medical art of needle manipulation, inserting needles in various points of the body for therapeutic benefits. Acupuncture helps relieve our body from muscle and joint pain. 


Can Acupuncture Relieve My Body Pain? 

Yes it can. A lot of people had proven that acupuncture can relieve body pains. The reason why we had a body pains is due to inflammation of the body muscles and joints. It has been proven that chronic pain and body inflammation are similar; that’s why the most effective cure for body pain is acupuncture. The most in demand body pains why people usually go for acupuncture therapy are arthritis, headaches or migraine, chest pain, stomachaches, joint pain, muscle pain, stiff head and shoulders, back pain and many more. acupuncture college station provides accupunture services and a lot more. 

Acupuncture Stress and Anxiety Reliever 

Stress and anxiety is one of the major factors that can affect our daily life, specifically our health and our work. Acupuncture can cure stress and anxiety in our body; it helps our energy point’s flow smoothly giving us a positive flow of energy all over our body. And if we do it along with exercise, healthy diet and a good sleep. It will help us recover faster and get back on tract on our daily lives. 

What is Acupressure? 

It is a medical art that is similar to acupuncture but it does not use any needles. It focuses on massaging the vital points in our body using thumbs, palms and fingers to help our nervous system perform well. It actually helps to clear the veins that are blocked by blood clots to relieve you from body pains. It has the same effect to acupuncture and treats the following; body pains or injury, muscles and joints, headaches, stomachaches and chronic pain. 

Benefits of Acupressure 

Imagine if you are an athlete, what does athlete usually do before the game? They stretch their muscles. Why do you think athletes do that for? For them to avoid any injuries within the game. It has the same effect on acupressure; we are like athletes that are preparing for our game for our daily lives. Acupressure relieves the muscles from tension the same as stretching. It relieves are muscles from cramps and other mild injuries that can help our body muscles relax. 

What is Cupping Acupuncture? 

It is a medical art that relieves our body from pain by using different sizes of glass cups. The glass cups are heated with fire then are placed on the skin for surface skin suction. The skin is tightly pull inside the cup but it’s not painful at all and it is very effective in treating body discomfort such as; tense muscles, back pain, strained body and a lot more. 

Benefits of Cupping Acupuncture 

If you’re feeling tightness and heavy in your body, cupping would be the most effective alternative for you. It relieves our muscles from strain, tension and muscle cramps for faster muscle recovery. Most of the people that had experience cupping acupuncture had said they have better and faster body movements after the therapy session. 

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